Monday, October 31, 2005

Electronic Greenspace Defense for Hire

One of the things that I like the most about living in Lowell is the abundance of local art (even if the best venue/bar in town just closed). In that vein, I'm happy to have a new contact card designed by the fine folks at Eyeformation, who are based just down the street from me.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Navy Pier Outtake

Navy Pier, Labor Day 2004
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Navy Pier Outtake
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So, Josh Pater thinks he can pull a fast one on the world, posting clearly Green-Screened photos on his Flickr account and trying to pass them off as real life. Well, I'm not fooled. And to get proof that it was staged I did some investigating. With just a little bit of reverse image searching, I found this outtake from the photo shoot on the personal site of Giorgio, the mall photographer they hired to make it look like they were living it up on the Pier. If anything, I'm most dissapointed that Josh was the only one willing to raid the prop closet and that you were all too cheap to pay the five extra dollars for a fake UFO landing in the background. What are you saving your money for? Glamour Shots?

Monday, December 06, 2004

Chevron Fickle

Chevron Fickle
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Possibly the best photo I've ever taken, Definitely one of the best subjects (and settings, Nate and Beverly's wedding). Great guy, friend of a friend, wish I knew him better, but damn, what a name,

Sunday, October 03, 2004

New Daily Show XviD Tracker - 10mbit

10mbit Daily Show Tracker

Breakthrough! Found this BitTorrent Tracker with XviD's of recent Daily Show's (Thanks to BoingBoing, which always wins me back with links like this). Sign up and become a member and get your Daily Show fix. Now if they would only push a RSS feed so you could iPodder it.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Big Ass Blue Shark

Big Ass Blue Shark
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Why drinking while sport fishing might not be a good idea.

"Trade Secrets" :: Adam Curry is the NEW Ted Nugent.

I'm from East Michigan and for all its concrete and sorrow, East Michigan was home to many great musicians. Of the many great East Michigan acts (MC5, The Stooges, White Stripes, Kid Rock, Bob Seger (?)) the greatest of all is The Nuge. Now musically, I have never really gotten into Ted, but at some point a couple years ago I was home visiting family in Imlay City, and the radio station in the truck I was sitting in was playing the Ted Nugent song, Fred Bear. Then they had a Station ID and I think the call leters were WWBR and they referred to the station as "The Bear". The other person in the truck explained to me that Ted Nugent had a morning radio show on a local FM station and the station decided to fire him. Instead, he bought the station, fired the managers, tweaked the format to be more Nugelike, and started recording his morning show out of his house. I thought this was the greatest thing I ever heard (though it might be apocraphyl, I don't care), and it instantly elevated my opinion of the man to a Godlike Status.

A couple weeks ago, I started listening to Adam Curry's "Source Code." an audioblog billed as the place where "developers and users party together." It's great, absolutely great, if you're into a bunch of guys talking about PodCasting, and what people said about them that day, and what facts were misconstrued, and what ideas they'd like to see implemented. Of course for me that is exactly what I want to hear someone talk about for an hour. I guess I have specialized tastes. Anyway, I'm listening to this stuff regularly now. Tonight I put it on with a record playing underneath and took a bath. It occured to me during my bath that Adam Curry is the NEW Ted Nugent.

What Ted did was amazing, inspiring, brilliant. What Adam did was take that idea to the level of the everyday people. He said, "Why don't I make a radio show from home, using gear I have around the castle, and PodCast my show around the world. (Note: I have no way of knowing if Adam actually said anything to himself at all, at thi point I'm working with pure conjecture.)

To bastardize the ideas of Dave Slusher's Evil Genious Chronicles, another show with a similar format, we're working with instant feedback systems, where mentioning someone's name in your blog means they may somehow contact you the next day. I know I have posted about interesting projects on the 10speed blog and had the person behind the project leave me a comment. It's great. I love when that happens as you actually know that you have a readership, even if it's only the one person. I'm convinced now that this Instant Feeddback is what is most revolutionary about these things and the way they affect communication. People feel like they are participating in a dialogue, using text, audio, and images. That's damn cool. So maybe Dave Slusher is a brilliant bastard himself for making this idea clear.

I've been wondering who the first great content producer will be for VideoBlogging and the DigitalBicycle distribution system. As of right now I'm betting on Chris Weagle, whose videoblog entries at Human-Dog are some of the best noncommercial programming I've ever seen. I really enjoyed the House Lady series (part 1, part 2, part 3) where a women who grew up in his house wants to take photos of it and Chris allows her but he films her doing it and she tells stories about everypart of the house and yard. This is seriously great stuff here. The best part is, Chris lives in Eastern Michigan (Saint Claire Shores) which is culturally just up the block from my hometown, so looking at this stuff reminds me of home. I videochatted with Chris today after the weekly Unmediated show and he was enthusiastic about getting his pieces cablecast, and after watching them I have to sponsor this. I'm really impressed with the four pieces I've watched so far. This is content worth syndicating. This is what will drive the DigitalBicycle.

Alright off to bed now, I'll have dreams of instant feedback video conversations airing on tv's in every city, but hopefully I won't have the dream with the helicopters again.

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got

Joe Tex - Hold What You've Got
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Joe Tex - Go Home and Do It

Great song from a good album. Picked this up at "Mystery Train" in Glochester. Had the name "Joe Tex" floating around my head from "Accordian" off of Madvilliany, and they had a whole section of Joe Tex records. Was very excited when I found a cheap copy of "Hold What You've Got" but after listening to it (which it seems you can't do any of the used record stores in Boston. Bite me, Cheapo's") I figured out that it was the wrong record in the sleeve. The LP was actually a later album, Happy Soul. Since the cleaner copy of Happy Soul was $20, I thought the $9.50 price was a good deal. Went to the counter to buy the record and told the guy checking me out that the record and sleeve were mismatched but the other Joe Tex records were properly matched. He told me that he couldn't sell me the album until the manager returned from lunch. I hung around Glochester, found some strange cell phone dead spots in downtown, and came back a while later to pick up my record. I had been afraid that they would raise the price of the record because the other copy of "Happy Soul" was $20. Instead they lowered the price to $3.50. This is the stuff positive service memories are made of. God bless you, Mystery Train Records in Glochester, Mass.

This is an AAC as it was made for my own archives. Use iTunes or an iPod to listen to it. Sorry, but that's how it is.

Monday, August 16, 2004


Bro. Danielson -- Things Against Stuff

Got this track off of Sounds Familyre's webpage. It's a good albumbut I haven't had the chance to really get into it yet. Strangely enough, my wife and I each bought the LP for each other as an anniversary gift so we now have doubles.

I saw the Danielson Famile at the Cornerstone Festival in '97. He was playing from within the giant fruit-tree, the rest of the band in the nurses outfits, and they were all living out of an old school bus painted baby blue. Musically, I hated them at the time. Went to see the show just to see who would actually listen to them. Wish I could say that the stage show changed me completely, but the fact is I gave their first album away in '98. Four years later I rebought the same album.

Saw them again at Calvin College in 2001. It ws in a small theatre and my wife says that it was the best show she's ever been to.

Saw Brother Danielson speak (and play) in early 2003 at the Festival of Faith and Music (also at Calvin College). Also particpating there was David Bazan of Pedro the Lion, and David Eugene Edwards of 16 Horsepower. I'm not sure if the official recordings of their sessions ever made it on the internet but they should. Three of my favorite artists on my old campus, speaking on how they write and the intersection of faith and music. This was the reason I have such good feelings toward my alma matter.

Continuing Studies and Corporate Education

Continuing Studies and Corporate Education

Class list for UMass Lowell's Online Course Listing for Continuting Studies and Corporate Education.
I post it because of the perks of working at LTC is that we get one free class through this program each semester. Of course I didn't take advantage of it at all last year, but now I'm think I should. Any suggestions?

Just to get it out of way....

Danny B K
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This is a painting made from a photograph, possibly overseas by an artist named "Rick." In the corner, some yearbook photos that I couldn't give away. I wonder sometimes if loving this painting (and those photos) makes me a narcisst.

Friday, August 13, 2004

Johan and DJ Tron

Really enjoyed the set by Johan and DJ Tron in this weeks Solid Steel. Let me to google them and eventually, "Stacs of Stamina." Currently listening to an interesting rasdio mix which is quite different in style from the set on Solid Steel.

You can find the setlist for the radio show (titled "The Screwed Up Clit, part two") at:

located below the graphic that shouldn't be viewed in an office setting.

The show itself can be downloaded (in Real format though, BOO!) at

There have currently been 187 downloads, which is a nice, hardcore, number of downloads to have.